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Food and photography Escape's

Cook. Taste. STYLE. Inspire.



“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” 

- James Beard


At Edible Green Mountains, it’s our job—and our pleasure—to cultivate the art of living locally. After years of publishing EGM, we’ve learned that truly honoring what sustains us entails much more than thinking about what we put in our stomachs. On our journey, we have come to have a whole new level of appreciation and respect for the visual feast and meditative beauty that an intelligently styled plate can offer, on top of its more obvious gustatory delights. 


We want to share our passion and insight with you with at a bespoke retreat that celebrates food, photography and the great outdoors. 


Oh, and did we mention the food and beverages? There will also be the kind of epic seasonal feasts one would expect at a retreat hosted by an award-winning food magazine in Vermont. Come hungry, thirsty and ready to learn and bond with fellow attendees over a shared love of visual storytelling. 


RETREAT Packages

Hill Farm Inn

Sunderland, Vermont

Photography Retreat

June 1-4, 2018